I wanted to see if I could put up a scan of one of my pieces. Please bare with me as this is all so new.  It's getting late and I haven't eaten all day...be back later...


My Magazine Search

Right around the first of every month (& every day after) I start calling Barnes & Noble to see if the newest Somerset Studio "special publication" has arrived. "No"  they say "not yet". I waited well into the New Year for Art Journaling (due out 1/1/09). I even called Stampington & Co (on 1/7) to see if it had been shipped out. "Oh yes, it should be on the newsstands" customer service replied.  Well, I think I finally found it around 1/11.

So... now it's coming up on Feb. 1st and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on "Artful Blogging" and "Where Women Create".  Yesterday I drove down to my local B&N in hopes...no, it's too early. I'm thinking, "are they in back in a box waiting for 2/1? Dare I ask someone to go in back and look? No,  I decide I don't want to seem so anxious so I leave and drive a couple of miles to an Independent Art/Hobby Store.  I run in & check the shelves: nope! nothing! I walk around the corner to check another area and out of the corner of my eye where they're scanning in the days receiving I see, upside down no less, Artful Blogging!  My eyes widen as I step closer. The woman behind the counter sees me & asks if I want one - "Yes, oh yes and did you happen to get "Where Women Create?" She looks underneath the pile and pulls one out of two copies out and hands it to me. I am so full of excitement I can hardly wait to open these and step into my world of escape. I walk away knowing I am all set to snuggle in on an upcoming cold, bitter weekend. I have all I need: pages & pages of "WOW", "OHH", "OMG, it's so beautiful!", etc. 

And it's only January 23rd. (Lucky girl)