Aging & my journey of moving forward

I'm afraid of it yet i can't escape it. Unless... and i really hate hearing "It's better than the alternative, isn't it?"  shut.  up.  I'm talking about a time in life that we're all going to go through. I was ok on my 30th & 40th birthdays. Hell, i thought i was ok on my 50th & maybe i was. It's 4 1/2 years later and i am not ok with my up & coming birthday. They can stop coming now. I'd like to stay right where i am thank you.

Lately i have been thinking alot about my younger years and how fast the time has gone. I wish my short term memory was as sharp as my long term memory (a common statement among menopausal women). This is my point: loss of memory is not a joke but we all joke about it right along with "hot flashes" (including me). I suppose we joke to lighten the mood and use it as an excuse when we have forgotten something important.

I have realized i need to talk (blog) about it because I'm right smack dab in the middle of it. Turning 55 this October is FREAKIN me out! I can't even imagine my 60th- OMG! It seems like yesterday i was experiencing my first love,

And then there is that invisible cord that connects our thoughts. From babysitting my mind went to my fear of being alone in our 2 story house where Tilly Tackie had died. I swear that house had her ghost. I remember stretching the telephone cord from the wall phone as far and taut as it would go keeping my girlfriend on the phone while i made it upstairs. That way she could call the cops if the boogey man got me. How funny to think about the days before mobile phones - they really can simplify things.

I'm not writing this post to relive my memories. I'm writing to get these memories out and let them go.

I have to stop now because blogger isn't giving me anymore room!

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